The Way of the Hero

by | Sep 17, 2019

A Hero is born among a hundred. – Plato

There are dozens of sandwich concepts, most building virtually the same product in the same store and under the same franchise structure.

Big Town Hero is different.

Here are 6 of the very tangible ways that we are different and better.

1. Our Bread

Bread is what lays the foundation for the ultimate sandwich. It’s the first thing you taste and the first thing you’ll remember. We realize the importance of this and take pride in our commitment to serving the purest bread out there. Imagine opening the doors every morning to the sweet smells of our bread filling your store. At Big Town Hero, we say no to frozen dough.

2. Freshness

Fresh is not just something you can label your food to bring in customers. Freshness is a lifestyle that is embedded in our culture. We demand the most from our products by taking the time every day to only slice what is needed for lunch, or that day at most. Since day one we have been implementing these fundamentals of what fresh means to us and setting the standard across the country. After a customer eats at Big Town Hero, their concept of fresh is forever changed for the better.

3. Creative Menu

A lot of our competition have large menus with variations of just a few sandwiches. We take pride in the creativity of our menu, and our customers love it. Our staple ingredients range from artichokes and sprouts to cranberry and whole avocados. We take the idea of a basic sandwich and elevate it to a whole new understanding. This is why we have what Oregonians call, “The Ultimate Sandwich”

4. Our Theme

Big Town Hero is all about our atmosphere matching the taste of our sandwiches. We’ve come back to the market with a whole new look that is sure to bring in the customers who never knew they needed The Ultimate Sandwiches in their lives. Our clean, inviting, and fresh look is sure to appeal your eye while our sandwiches satisfies your taste buds. By bringing back the natural elements of wood and stone into our design, it gives our customers an organic experience.

5. First-Name-Basis Hospitality

At Big Town Hero, we build relationships with our customers; and it all begins with a name. We’ve chosen to use names rather than numbers when serving our customers. From the time we take their order to the time they leave; our customers are treated with individual hospitality. Our customers are more like family, in a place “where everybody knows your name.”

6. Connections with the community

We have built our brand on the principle of connecting with our local communities. We strive to be heroes ourselves by partnering with local charities such as donating our unused bread to food banks, supporting local sports teams, and celebrating local and “everyday heroes” in our stores, because not all heroes wear capes.


    Best of all… our powerful proprietary software is included when you purchase a Big Town Hero Franchise.