Franchising with Us

by | Sep 17, 2019

Why we franchise

After opening our second location we have constantly been asked by customers about how they might own a Big Town Hero. This prompted us to begin franchising in 1990. Franchising has allowed us to grow our brand and offer the opportunity of owning a business that is supported by a larger network to people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.


Our commitment to success

Not everyone is made out to be a business owner, and even more so, not everyone is right to be a Big Town Hero owner. We are selective of who we work with because we want to make sure that every franchisee is successful. A bad operator can not only bring their location down, but the brand as a whole. As such, we have a screening process for potential franchisees to make sure that you are a good fit for our system, and that we are the right choice for you!


Do you have what it takes?

Entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, commitment to hard work, total involvement in the daily operation of your Big Town Hero restaurant, the ability to interact with people and the ability to meet our financial requirements. Your willingness to learn and apply your new skill sets learned are crucial to your success. Of course, we are here along every step of your journey with the experiences to help coach and guide you to success.


Now’s the time!

With over 35 years of experience, we have a system that is proven to work. Having recently updated our brand, and expanded the technology we use to stay on top of current trends, now is the time to become a part of the Big Town Hero family. With our system perfected and shown to be successful, Big Town Hero is now looking for entrepreneurs to work with us. With all our support staff and franchisees, there is no goal we can’t achieve.