Our Story

Our Story

What is a HERO? The name originated in Italian communities and refers to sandwiches that are made on homemade bread that are large enough to share with family and friends-very much a full meal. This was the original name for what later became known as submarine sandwiches. However, the HERO still holds the distinction of being the original and premier quality among sandwiches, and always served on bread that is handmade from scratch.

Big Town Hero continues to use the HERO name to portray the fact that its sandwiches are constructed on bread handcrafted daily in their in-store bakeries. We use fresh, innovative ingredients and are served by local franchise owners who take pride in their businesses and have developed personal relationships with their customers and community.



Since Big Town Heroes inception we have never waived from our commitment to great food and great service. We are a local Oregon based chain. We support schools and many local charities. We are committed to excellence, which starts with our fresh, from scratch homemade bread.