Albany – Heritage Mall

Albany – Heritage Mall

Heritage Mall

1921 14th St SE, D-405
Albany, OR 97321
Phone: (541) 926-1880

Please call your local location to place an order or inquire about catering.

You will find Big Town Hero Albany Heritage Mall at the food court inside the Heritage Mall. This Big Town Hero location offers the convenience of a nice meal out, free Wi-Fi, and an indoor children’s play area which make it wonderful for combining shopping errands with wholesome delicious food and a bit of play time for you and your family. The Albany store has been in business for 19 years, and it’s owners are proud to serve Big Town Hero’s superior quality bread, fresh baked from scratch every day.

Albany is located on the Willamette river between Salem and Eugene and like many cities in Oregon, a love and respect for the outdoors is evident in its 30 city parks that host cultural events and it’s dedication to bicycle friendly roads and paths. The lands surrounding Albany are fertile and produce much of the world supply of grass seed, other industries include rare metals production (like zirconium and titanium), manufacture of carbon electrode material, and research and development of green industry life cycle practices in production of metals, alloys and ceramics.