Want To Make Some Dough?

We’ve been making sandwiches since 1983 and franchising since 1989.

The handcrafted, fresh, from scratch approach is what differentiates Big Town Hero from the rest. Most large sub sandwich chains don’t bake bread from scratch, at Big Town Hero we do. Everyday.

Come and discover the spirit, culture and direction of our franchise.

We have created The Sandwich Shop with a Café Feel. Customers place their orders, which are delivered to their table by a cheerful employee.

Our “First-Name-Basis Hospitality” in a fast, friendly and fun environment creates customer loyalty.

The music, décor, design, and menu are all thoughtfully implemented, designed to be entertaining, inspirational and heroic.

As part of our on-going effort to enlarge upon the BIG TOWN HERO experience, we have designed a service-focused training program which we share only with our franchisees called “25 Bits of Wisdom”. It makes heroes of our staff and they in turn make believers of your customers.

Think Big—Really Big!! Do you want to be a part of the most significant experience ever to hit the sandwich business? Come on in-we’ll make you a Hero.

Franchise Cost Comparisons

The comparative data has been drawn from websites of the respective franchise concepts and was accurate as of the time it was extracted. No assurances can be made that this data continues to be accurate.

Big Town Hero royalty and advertising fees are very competitive. Why pay more when you can get the best at Big Town Hero!!

Join us and become a Hero!

FranchiseFranchise FeeRoyaltyAdv. FeeDev. Costs
Big Town Hero$12,0006% of Gross$300/month$88,550 to $296,400
Subway$15,0008% of Gross2% of Gross$85,000 – $315,000
Quiznos$25,0007% of Gross4% of Gross$24,000 – $241,000
Jimmy Johns$20,0006% of Gross4.5% of Gross$194,600 – $416,900
Jersey Mike’s$18,5006.5% of Gross3.5% of Gross$133,226 – $384,333
Spicy Pickle$45,0005% of Gross3% of Gross$383,770 – $489,200
Blimpie$18,0006% of Gross4% of Gross$145,850 – $397,800
Cousins$25,0006% of Gross3% of Gross$199,200 – $316,300
Panera Bread$35,000N/AN/A$812,814 – $1,863,590
Firehouse Subs$20,0006% of Gross3% of Gross$194,600 – $346,900

Big Town Hero Costs

The small price for your big future!

This Table estimates the expenses you should expect to incur to begin operation of an Individual Big Town Hero franchise and to operate it during the initial three months.

These figures are estimates only. It is possible to significantly exceed these figures and cost control is the responsibility of the franchisee.

Big Town Hero provides specifications, guidelines and advice only.

ExpenditureAmountPaymentWhen DueTo Whom
Initial Franchise Fee$12, 000CashUpon SigningUs
Utilities Deposits and Payments$500 to $1,000As IncurredAs IncurredLandlord, Utility Companies & Suppliers
Architect Fees$500 to $6,000As IncurredBefore OpeningArchitect
Leasehold Improvements, Cabinets and Decor$10,000 to $100,000As IncurredAs IncurredLandlord or Independent Contractors
Office Furniture and Office and Computer Equipment$4,000 to $10,000As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers
Menu/Signs$4,500 to $25,000As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers
Franchise Premises Rent (deposit plus 3 months rent)$6,000 to $15,000As IncurredAs IncurredLandlord
Start-up Equipment$29,000 to $65,000As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers
Seating$4,000 to $12,000As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers
Inventory$2,500 to $4,500As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers
Small Wares$2,000 to $4,000As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers
Initial Advertising and Promotion$700 to $2,400As IncurredBefore and after OpeningAs We Direct
Travel and Living Expenses While Training$200 to $4,500As IncurredDuring TrainingAirlines, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.
Materials and Supplies$100 to $1,000As IncurredBefore OpeningSuppliers
Insurance$600 to $1,500As IncurredBefore OpeningInsurers
Miscellaneous Opening Costs$1,950 to $7,500As IncurredAs IncurredSuppliers, Utilities, etc.
Additional Funds – 3 Months$10,000 to $25,000As IncurredAs IncurredEmployees, Suppliers, Utilities, etc.
Total$88,550 to $296,400

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is responsible for finding the location for my Big Town Hero restaurant?

A. Hero Systems Inc. helps in finding a suitable location by providing you with proven techniques and guidelines for locating one that meets our standards. We also assist you in negotiating the best possible lease terms, after our representative assesses and approves the proposed location. Our experienced staff is available during this important period to advise you every step of the way.

You are also advised to have an experienced real estate attorney review the finished lease prior to executing it.

Q. How much money can I expect to make with my Big Town Hero franchise?

A. Strict franchising laws prohibit us from making income projections. There are many factors that determine the amount of money your Big Town Hero restaurant can produce. Much depends on your promotional aggressiveness and determination to attain the maximum margin. Other factors include hiring the right personnel, maintaining tight inventory control, minimizing food waste, building off-premises sales, cross-selling, keeping overhead to a minimum and adhering to the procedures you’ve learned in training.

Q. Does Hero Systems Inc. provide financing?

A. Not directly. However, we will assist you in seeking financing for your restaurant through various sources. Leased equipment is also possible to creditworthy individuals.

Q. I’m not familiar with all the equipment and supplies I’ll need to operate my Big Town Hero. Do you help me with this phase of the business?

A. Yes! This is just one of the major benefits of purchasing a Big Town Hero franchise. We make it easy for you by providing you with a list of equipment and suppliers whose products meet our rigid standards and who are familiar with our operation. As a result of our mass purchasing, you can save time and money with the “Turn-Key” package we have organized for our franchise owners’ convenience. All this helps to get you off to a rapid, trouble-free start.

Q. How long does it take to open my Big Town Hero franchise restaurant from the time I “sign-up”?

A. That depends on how long it takes to select, lease and build out a location. Depending on local conditions, it can take from five weeks to several months from the signing of a lease.

Q. Is it possible to own more than one Big Town Hero restaurant?

A. Yes! We offer single unit franchises and encourage successful owners to expand. Additionally, we offer multi-unit territories to individuals with qualified business backgrounds, operations teams and adequate financing.

Q. How can I learn more about actual operation of a restaurant?

A. We recommend that you conduct your own feasibility study. One way is to talk to Big Town Hero Franchise Owners. Many are proud to discuss their business with you, provided it isn’t during their peak periods. We can direct you to these franchise partners and advise you on how to ask questions to get the answers you need to make a decision to pursue the purchase of a franchise.

Q. What qualities do you look for in a prospective Big Town Hero Franchise Owner?

A. Entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, integrity, commitment to hard work, total involvement in the daily operation of your Big Town Hero restaurant, the ability to interact with people and the ability to meet our financial requirements.

Q. Will you help me hire the right personnel?

A. Yes, part of our training program will educate you on how to recruit, select, train, develop and motivate employees to be top performers.

Q. Am I permitted to deliver and cater?

A. Yes! We recommend that Franchise Owners actively seek out and build upon this business.

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We are interested in getting to know you, hearing your reasons for contacting us as a partner in launching your business, along with your plans and goals regarding business ownership.

Contact us today to learn more about Big Town Hero and how we can be a part of your future.

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Area Development

We also want you to learn about us as a group of people dedicated to developing and expanding Big Town Hero with absolutely terrific franchisees.

For an additional minimum fee, you can share in the income stream from stores you develop in your territory, Area Development requires that you perform the tasks of our corporate headquarters in developing and servicing franchise stores. We have a special program for multiple unit operators and area developers.

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